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The Digital Diary of Algernon Babaloo


The following text/sound/image thing was discovered at the bottom of a bag of second-hand surgical staples by a stout yet limber rodent named Chester...At the time they immediately delivered it to the Aural Initiative Potential, a pre-historical, post-hysetrical and plest-hermorphoical format confined to Babaloo's wardrobe...I mean...that is until the long deceased make it worth something; which may indeed be now? (Babaloo hasn't responded officially, so the PFW can't sue for copyright infringement).

So in that case, read on...view/listen....enjoy without fear of repression and/or leprocracy (likeprotic infestitis).

The Adventures of Algernon Babaloo Along the Sonic Highway

The year: 2005. Having recently engaged JD in a battle of wills, I staggered along the road to now in search of my 'masterpiece'. Numerous genres wearing mind-bending attire (with silicone engorged parts, leering at me from ill-fitting underwares) jetéd out from the shadows offering me leaflets that extolled the virtues and/or immoralities of their consumption. Brushing them aside with my bulbous beard, I cut west along a dreary sub-alley lined with next year's avant-garde photography. As I passed a rather stout yet limber rodent collecting acid rain from the shoes of dead hippies, I noticed a door looming in the gloom (what? - need to edit this! ) near my left elbow. Above the door a large, blue, animatronic index finger beckoned, curling its form at 9 BPS, above which a pink neon sign stuttered: THE SONIC HIGHWAY : I announced the phrase, 'my brussels are oily' through the speakhole and the door swung open. As I stepped through the threshold I was confronted by Rae Elbow (#59), who swiftly offered me a temporal tangerine. Obviously I ate the thing, an act to which Rae replied,
"welcome, enjoy your trip..." < this is a clickable link - it begins the adventure

If you would like to skip to a particular part, please use the links below:

 Intro - the sonic highway
 Part 1 - welcome
 Part 2 - baffling MUZAK
 Part 3 - everything went meta-sonic
 Part 4 - dude in a microwave
 Part 5 - contagious nihilism
 Part 6 - the bathroom suite
 Part 7 - bubbles
 Part 8 - random soya
 Part 9 - car chat
Part 10 - en ito cin
Part 11 - esrassa
Part 12 - three squared
Part 13 - fanplastic panpolystyrene writing paper
Part 14 - until the ebb occurs
Part 15 - the lost archive
Part 16 - sonic narcosis
Part 17 - circle of strangers
Part 18 - my head slipped into a passing nebula
Part 19 - sonicosmotic 1
Part 20 - the islets of langerhans
Part 21 - The Lost Chapters

to be continued ?

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