Aural Initiative


As the ebb occurred my de-actualated senses converged on a doorway, above which a pink neon sign glared: YAWHGIH CINOS EHT  I announced the phrase, 'ylio era slessurb ym' through the speakhole and the door swung open. As I stepped through the threshold I found myself in a exit-less room with dark obsidian walls in the centre of which stood Bob Aloala, keeper of all things previous and metabolic extrapolator for the rancid recesses of The Aural Initiative.

"Sign here" said Bob.

I entered my previousness into his Tome of Was and on completion was given unrestricted access to the large tweed sock which hung at the crux of yesterday. Reaching inside the sock to the sound of a distant drum roll I removed a laptop - a powerbook 145b. Searching through the detritus of this ancient and once presumed lost hard drive I chanced upon a folder named: iswaswhatiis, I opened it, and revealed the inescapable past - the Lost Archive of Babaloo.

The Digital Diary