Aural Initiative


Unfortunately, as I progressed with my reification of the previous, I suffered a deconstructive temporal seizure during which I switched on the ceiling fan and commenced to shred last years ideas. In the midst of my fit I became possessed by the collective spirit of the acousmatics and thus proceeded to dance a digital montage amidst the arid sonic landscape, replete with surreal digital rain.

As the digital rain passed and my dance faded into memory, I wiped the remaining digitised sky scum from my glasses and ran my fingers through my hair, arching stretching and cracking my back. I waved a final goodbye to the non-convoluting vortex as it faded away up into the night sky and then tossed the now useless tangerine peel into the waste bin. I turned to Rae Elbow and offered thanks for the temporal tangerine, noting that it was a little dry perhaps, but never the less quite enjoyable, which from a subjectively quantitative perspective is ca. 2.3% less than very enjoyable.

Placing a hand on my shoulder, Rae presented me with a complementary packet of 'social integration medication' (which I slipped into my pocket) and then invited me to sit and listen to his sonic nonsense for a while. I accepted, and cupping my chin in my palms I lowered myself into a pseudo lotus position. As the dirty sonus swilled around my buttocks I listened to the ridiculous picaresque and fake hippy poesy until the ebb occurred...

The Digital Diary