Aural Initiative


As the third random future climaxed, a dehydrated, juiceless speck of TVP ejected itself from my forehead slot and as it hit the floor its resonance spread throughout the room. This process-based resonant spread was the cue for a scene change. The stage lights were blacked out and people dressed in dark garments began to run about the place changing various scenery. During the blackout a hand reached up between my legs and ripped my clothes off in a single motion. As the stage lights returned to 80% I now found myself standing naked in what appeared to be a retro-postcagean reality where the art 'elite' occupy an eternal recurrence, re-re-celebrating the genius of my earlier model but adding their own verbiage to the tediousness as it un-progresses.

Eager to escape the smell of the emperor's tunic issuing from the shadowy bits of this particular reality, I hailed an intra-sonus taxi and made my escape. The taxi was driven by eyeless Camille (the result of an unfortunate meeting with the luminous cod).

a face

As the smoke from eyeless Camille's nocturnal dumplings made my own vision unreliable, I was inspired to remove the concealed auraliser from inside my artificial tooth and scan the car chat, the meaningless conversation noise that choked the smoky interior during my journey...

The Digital Diary