Aural Initiative


A hand on my shoulder suddenly brought me to my senses,'hey, wait a minute' I thought, 'I know the smell of rancid semolina; it's Dude.' I swung around to greet my friend.
"Hey. What's up Dude?" I said, "Didn't think I'd crash into you along the sonic highway?"
"Shush!! No time to talk now" said Dude,"the Anti Neo-Nihilism cops are hot on my tail."
"They are?"
"Yeah, Yeah. They're able to scan your brain waves and pick up on tendencies towards creative abuse. So if you can spare it, I really need your help."
"Sure. No problem Dude, whatever you need."
"OK. Listen. They're put off the scent by active microwaves...they can't get a lock on; so if can you just stash me in yours until they're gone, that'd be great...I mean, you know, no pressure. I can always try next door?"

The Digital Diary