Aural Initiative


Without warning the door to my room burst open and three hundred Anti Neo-Nihilism police spilled in. A large sniffer device that looked like a cross between a flamingo, an optical eyeglass care kit and an estanged data stick, floated into the room suspended on a stream of warm air produced by tubes issuing from the rear of the Anti Neo-Nihilism police men and womens' trousers. As the sniffer device begin to sniff around my thoughts it's bulging jouissance took on the aural hues of a boiling tea kettle. You see....A sniffer device's snosser is designed to strain the air for the stench of words just like these. And so unfortunately in this case, it only had to sniff as far as my mind; hence.....BUSTED. The charge - contagious nihilism...

The Digital Diary