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i arrived at the gathering
already worse for wear
a gut full of jack
a pocket full of Manerix
and a mind
i knew the evening was gonna' be awkward
cos' the funk of beautiful people
overpowered the cigarette smoke
i slipped a Manerix between my lips
swallowed it down
to soften the beast
then slid into the nearest
circle of strangers...

as the sonic narcosis faded, the circle closed in and each stranger began requesting justification for my 'aural ejaculations' simultaneously thrusting their dictaphones under my nose. To elude them, I directed their attention towards a strange, yet somehow familiar fellow who was performing a rather frantic dance atop a table in the corner of the room. Whilst they were distracted I hastily cashed in my free trip voucher for eyeless Camille's intra-sonus taxi and she whisked me away to the islets of langerhans...

The Digital Diary