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i wandered outside
the sting of the jack
the crunch of a stranger's footsteps
invading my head
blighting what was left of me inside
psychotic crows
began mocking my tenuous grip
as reality dissolved around me

having managed to escape the sonic maelstrom by applying a reverse trajecotorisation of my aural awareness which propelled me through the appropriate ceiling hatch (concealed as it was inside the malodorous beak of a psychotic crow); and thusly spilling onto the floor of the Den of Iniquity in a somewhat karmic decentralised state, I was unable to escape the horde of 'neo-post-retro-modernists' recumbent therein who having 'consumed' my Sonic Narcotics (that I had unwittingly transmitted through my auraliser having mistakenly set it to 'streaming' mode), and delighting in the intoxicated reverie thereby induced, insisted that i attend a gathering...


down into the wasteland daddyo. . . far out. . . . .