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hmmm...methiinks it's about time we upgraded the website, dude! albeit i do dig how it's become serendipitously 'retro'?
OK. Will do, once I've found my way out of the islets of langerhans. . .

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Could Al Babaloo really be Rob Weale masquerading under an alter-ego?
Latest News:

We received the following transmission from Babaloo in the islets of langerhans:

I waved a cheery adios to the nebula as it gently released me atop my rock of solitude in the islets of langerhans, where I sit at a serious distance from the majority, the ocean washing around me, the lingering effects of many a consecutive night of auralised indulgences (as previously espoused) invading my head, sucking on my thoughts like an intoxicated leech. inspirations are slithering easily through my sonificated cortex. mutatified sounds emerging rapidly as I find myself sliding into another bout of serious sonic narcosis ...attempting ... to capture it all ... on my auraliser ...

Upon downloading, decoding and productifying the contents of the auraliser file that was attached to the message we are pleased to announce the release of 'the islets of langerhans' - Opus #3 in the Sonic Narcotics series. Listen to it HERE

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JD (age 4) the youngest member of The Aural Initiative Collective was given a digital camera for xmas 2006, check out his work HERE

Quotes and Comments:

...Abstract, unusual and different, three words that go only part way to doing this justice..." (Don Ten, Heathen Harvest Website, 2006)

'dude in a microwave' (from The Adventures of Al Babaloo Along the Sonic Highway) - "Just had to say - I absolutely adored your piece. Brilliant! But my wife hated it - it really spooked her out. So, that's another point in its favour!" (Adrian Newton, UNSAFE Music Festival, 2006)

"genius...i think!" (The space lady, 2007)

'sonic narcotics' - "it crawls into your ears and starts playing with your mind" [Rae Elbow, 2008]

"just listened to sonicosmotic 1, it opened up a whole new world of sound for me - many thanks for that" (Bob Aloala, 2008)

"i know he's in here somewhere!"

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down down into the wasteland daddyo. . .